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Anonymous said: I'm not really sure if you are or planning to get married but I wanted to know if you are going to (or didn't) wait until marriage to have sex?? I'm just sort of wanted to know from a lgbtq perspective. Thanks a lot!


I’m common law married. I’m comfortable saying that my first and only sexual partner is the man who is now my husband. Once things became more serious, we felt ok taking that next step. That was before any permanent commitment was made but after establishing a bond.

Do I believe you have to wait until marriage to have sex? No. But I do believe your partner should be someone you trust and someone toward whom there is mutual respect. Because the real thing to be worried about is being vulnerable to someone who doesn’t respect the sacredness of your body. Therefore, I tend to discourage ‘casual sex’ but I’m nobody’s judge either.

Protect your heart. Only allow someone who is worthy to share in that experience. And of course, ALWAYS practice safe, consensual intimacy.

PS Unless you’re a bottle of olive oil, your virginity or lack thereof says nothing about your character.


Someone can be asexual and not aromantic. Just because someone isn’t having sex doesn’t mean they can’t have a romantic relationship.

Someone can be aromantic but not asexual. Not all sex has to have romance attached to it.

Someone can be both aromantic and asexual and still have a fulfilling life because to assume someone needs to be in a relationship and/or have sex in order to be happy is really shitty.

Someone can be asexual and not mind having sex. That’s important too.

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the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting 

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Federal judge overturns Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage.
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Federal judge overturns Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage.

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We’re so proud of Kate!http://www.outwithdad.com/news/itvfest-and-streamy-nominations

Get the pictiure!


Get the pictiure!

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College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

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this is important please spread

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She’s laughing because she’s thinking “lol same”

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